Kiara MedTech Products

Kiara Medtech (Pty) Ltd

Reg. No. 2016/159555/07

ABP-051 Blood Pressure Corrector

Inferum LLC has developed and clinically proven the efficacy of a high-technology blood pressure controlling device called ABP-051. This device is easy to operate and deploy to both private and public sectors.

EVA Colposcopy

In the new digital era, patient have greater expectations from their cervical examination, supporting the need for new visual inspection and documentation tools.

HeRO Predictive Devices

HeRO identifies subtle irregularities in heart rate variability that occur hours and days prior to patient deterioration and provides an early warning of patient distress, including sepsis, NEC, UTI, meningitis, respiratory decompensation, brain pathology, and death.

HeRO Predictive Devices

MAQCARE NiBS (marketed by Kiara Health)

A Bi-level continuous positive airway pressure ventilatory-asset device. For a high-pressured situation when pressure support to minimize the work of breathing is a key normoxemia.


The PEBBLE COV19 qcLAMP test is a molecular in vitro near to patient diagnostic test that is intended to be used for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in association with the PEBBLE qcLAMP Point-of-Care Platform.


Taffix is an innovative personal powder nasal spray which is used to block viruses within the nasal cavity – viruses that could penetrate the respiratory system and cause infection.


The GO2Vent is the Best Option. New easy setup labeling. New manometer. New entrainment controls.


The gas-powered GO2VENT provides automatic ventilatory support for both breathing and non-breathing patients.