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UVC Disinfection

XENEX® LightStrike™  UVC Germ-Zapping Solutions™

The current public health crisis redefines how we think about ‘clean’, and the methods needed to destroy the pathogens that cause illness and death. It is clearly delineating yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

‘Conventional methods of disinfection are no longer sufficient.’

XENEX® disinfection solution is a reliable choice for leading healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and other organizations due to its ability to deactivate viruses, bacteria, and spores in 6 seconds or less. With over 45 peer-reviewed studies and 35+ million users, XENEX® is a proven disinfection solution.

Reference.: (Accessed 08/03/23)

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Deactivate™ Handheld LED UVC Disinfection

  • No-touch chemical free disinfection
  • Enhance manual cleaning in compact environments
  • Quickly disinfect commonly touched areas between use
  • UVC wavelength 270-278 nm
  • Portable and adaptable for a variety of applications
  • Ideal for hotels, schools, first responder vehicles*, healthcare facilities*, cockpits and more

  • 99% reduction in SARS-CoV-2 in 30 seconds at 1 metre*
  • 99% reduction in MRSA and E. coli vegetative bacteria in 1 minute at 1 metre*
  • 99% reduction in B. subtilis spores in 2 minutes at 1 metre*

* Not intended to be used on medical equipment.

Reference.: XENEX® US website: (Accessed 08/03/23)

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